Smelling a particular aroma can evoke memories of people and events. Based on this premise, Aromigo is a device that is used in pairs to enable couples to communicate over distance. When touched, an Aromigo lights up and releases the scent of that person (by heating up a selected es- sential oil). At the same time, this activates the remote partner device to illuminate and release the same scent - reminding the remote person of their partner and the fact that the other is thinking of him or her. This works bidirectionally. Interacting with the devices simultaneously creates an experience for the users where the color of their lights and the smells of their aromas intermingle. Aromigos facilitate both synchronous and asyn- chronous communication; when only one user is present, he or she can leave an aromatic ambient message (i.e. traces of his/her scent), which lin- gers in the room and can be discovered by the remote person a while later.
Collaboration with Joanne Leong, Shannon Peng
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