Dasi - Seun / Visual Environment Renovation Project in Seun Arcade / 2016 
Sewoon Arcade is a residential complex planned by the Dictatorial government for the moderniza- tion of Korea and designed by the best architect at that time. However, it is distorted by various events and social policy changes, and now it is a big axis of slums in the city center. I took charge of visual environment improvement project inside this space.
Half a century ago, the dictatorship decided to build a concrete shaft connecting Jongmyo and Namsan as part of the modernization of the capital Seoul. Immediately after the Korean War, the government made plans to build a landmark that gathers energy from the world. This place, where the refugee-filled slums and the red-light districts were crowded, was pushed through the "Bulldoz- er" Seoul mayor, civil engineering conglomerate and architect Kim Soo-geun, and succeeded in building the first residential complex in Korea in just three years. This space is a symbolic building of modernization, symbolizing the manufacturing industry and electronic technology, and at the same time, it has become famous as a hotbed of mass production of illegal works in shadows, and now it is an urban island with a wall of time.

As part of the greening of the urban greenery planned in the 2000s, the entire demolition work was carried out. However, in the process of demolishing one of the 8 projects, the cost of 100 billion won occurred, and the approval rate of the Seoul mayor declined. Starting with this, the whole business became blank and the regime was replaced in the meantime.

Park Won - soon, mayor of Seoul, has taken over the urban green space planning plan with the inten- tion of building pedestrian - oriented Seoul. He initiated the city development plan to improve the walking environment by using the purpose and structure of the existing construction, and the first section is under construction.
Finding a worthy figure from a number of irregularities and drawing it in a big picture, that's what I was paying attention to in this project 
In this area, there is a strong feature that each floor has different self-governing teams in one build- ing, and only the outer wall of the building is shared, but the plane of each floor is very different. It is concluded that visualization with individuality of each layer is needed to reflect these characteris- tics. The tone that reflects the color and the characteristics of the electronic parts and household appliances is matched are selected to distinguish from each other, and the graphic design reflecting the characteristic behavior of each layer is performed. 

The visual environment improvement project of Sewoon Shopping Center started with the aim of improving visual understanding of the space of visitors and merchants. Visual disorder has been accumulated in that this commercial space is in the form of a traditional market, but it sells modern electronic products. There is also not a clear distinction between the various treatments according to the layer. We have set a direction to provide a guideline for solving these problems.
At the same time, in response to various recent changes, various forms of data were saved by carry- ing out internal photographing and 3D modeling were done with actual measurements to record the scenery which time has accumulated. The data will be released as open source after the end of the project and will be distributed for use in various creative activities. 
Year : 2016

Public Design Project for Seun Arcade

Creative / Art Direction : Jesung Lee

Visualization : Sinyoung Ahn, Jinyoung Lee

Photograph : Jesung Lee

Manufacturing : Design Studio 'Circle Activity' , Local manufacturer

3D Modeled by : Seungyu No

Sponsored by 

Seoul Urbanism and Restoration Dept. Seun Governance
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